House music, Trap music, Indie Music, Rock music, or Techno Music. If you like it then it's probably on here. My chief aim is to create a blog that exposes my readers to new music; please let me know if I'm doing a great job. Ask questions, send a message, I love interacting with the audience and receiving reviews! Check out the other links to my blog. You are now on my music page, "Rays The Noise". I am slowly expanding my blog. Right now, there is a music video blog called "Audioptic". Thank you for visiting!

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I am sorry to all of my followers that Rays the Noise has been inactive for quite some time. I have been on a hiatus due to a busy schedule but pretty soon, I will be back to posting music regularly. The current name of my blog is subject to change, along with other modifications. I appreciate all of you for being very faithful followers and for being patient

Thank you,


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